The hypocrisy of a small town becomes apparent as it fights an ACLU lawsuit.

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Comedy, jealousy and intrigue take center stage as a small town prepares for an ACLU lawsuit over a sign that reads FAITH, Hometown of Jesus Christ. A lightning-fast read, the last page will have you wishing your stay in Faith was longer, or at least that you had picked up a Jesus-in-the-Box or a poster of the town’s super-hot mechanic Johnny Cain.

The town of Faith has found religion, and no one is happier than Father O’Brien, who was down to one parishioner. Now the confessional lines are blocks long, and the oatmeal cookie crosses are selling like hotcakes. At the 4th of July parade the mayor’s 12-year-old son survived the mock crucifixion with only a broken arm and mild head trauma. Everyone, give it up for Faith, Hometown of Jesus Christ.

Someone’s plotting the town’s first murder and the mill’s just been robbed of an ungodly sum. There’s a cross burning on a motel lawn, and everyone is sleeping around. Yes, the town Faith has got problems, but no one is more confused than Bobby Ray whose ex-girlfriend has just returned. Everyone, let us pray.

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