Kavita is a first-year med student. Brian a philosophy major. They share a common bond of tragedy. He lost his parents in a car crash. She can’t forgive herself for an accident that paralyzed her brother. He paints stars on a wall for the dead soldiers of the Iraq War and she believes she has died six times before. This love they have found is unlike anything they have ever known. It is recompense for all the sadness of their past. However, for her heart, her father has other plans. And for the death of an American marine some six thousand miles away, one night she will be held to blame.

Through love and loss, friendship and parental imperiousness, these five souls entwined keep moving with a steady soundtrack that they have cued up into their minds. So, it is no surprise that one of them finally asks, “At that last breath, what song would you want playing inside of your head?”